About Us

Who We Are

Skillings Shaw & Associates, Inc., is an insurance agency that is experienced in the area of contract surety and fidelity bonding.

There are several reasons why this is beneficial to you:

  • We are able to stay ahead of events and change in the surety marketplace that may pose opportunity or challenge for our customers.
  • We have direct contracts with the nation’s leading surety companies, as well as local and regional surety companies. This allows Skillings Shaw & Associates to handle bond needs for a wide variety of contractor types and sizes and allows us to put you together with the right surety company for you and your needs.
  • From international bond needs to any state in the USA we have the markets—and can handle—your bond needs.

With a wealth of surety knowledge, background, and involvement in local and national contractor and surety organizations, the entire staff of Skillings Shaw & Associates, Inc., is prepared to handle your bond needs.